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Schwartz on Schwartz:
Deb interviews self, speaks frankly about finding (and losing) employment, major minor sugery, her recent marriage, and good hair at a good price.

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Midtown gallery closes, Deb laid off from Here Is New York again.

Deb immediately filled with shame, self-loathing.Polaroid Breaks:
Deb knocks most-treasured Polaroid camera off table, breaking it. Deb feels whole world coming apart.

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Newlyweds Spend Honeymoon in Poor-People’s Hospital

Geller: law school finals more stressful than toe surgery. by DEBORAH SCHWARTZ
BROOKLYN, NY--Deborah Schwartz and Brian Geller had considered spending their honeymoon in Italy or Spain or France. Instead, they spent it in the New York Community Hospital in Brooklyn.
Geller had been neglecting an ingrown toenail. In late March, he gave in, and made an appointment with a podiatrist. The diagnosis was worse then he could have imagined. Geller had a staph infection, one which was penetrating the bone.
Deb say: We're always 1st class on NYC subway. The cure: partial amputation of the right big toe.
Neither Schwartz, nor Geller, has health insurance. The medical costs are running them in the six-thousands. The couple is forced to use monies from their “Honeymoon Fund” to pay the bills.
Schwartz and Geller wore comfortable, yet festive clothes to the event and took many pictures, things they might have done on a “real” honeymoon.
“The hospital wasn’t as romantic as I had hoped,” said Schwartz, who is 25 and tenuously employed. “We never even got our own room. And I was forced to watch daytime television for five hours.”
Geller received a free nightgown and gray “sockies” from the hospital, but was not able to steal any towels or small bottles of shampoo.
Brian in his free gown“I suppose I could have swiped a hypodermic needle. But why?” said Geller, who is 25, and doesn’t have diabetes.
Geller is healing nicely, notes Dr. Paul Kesselman. “This is what happens when you neglect your feet.”



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