I am not dead.
I've just been busy.

I have actually, over the past eight million months, begun writing numerous blog entries, but haven't finished any of them.

Andrea was recently in town with her son, Cruz. I got to meet Cruz. She got to meet Max. We were all very happy and we ate brunch in the East Village. And then Andrea said, "It's still snowing?!?"

"What?" I said."

"Schwartz, is it still snowing? Is it still January? Because that's what I see when I check your blog. Brrrrr!"

Okay. No excuses right now. I am just going to start again here. And I will post a picture I took of Cruz, Jed, and Andrea when they were in town. I also have tons of pictures of our little Max, who now pulls himself up and scoots and crawls and is the best toy ever, except when he wants things that I don't want to give him.

Maybe I will try to post some of the blog pieces that I had started but never finished. Or maybe that's dumb.

Since Max was born and I went back to work, I have found myself with little personal time. Little time to reflect, to put into words what I have been observing in the world around. I have missed that. And I feel a bittersweet happiness to think that others may have missed it, too.

I have missed you. I'm sorry. Can I have a hug?