Deb & Brian's 5th Anniversary :: January 26, 2007 (we don't remember taking most of these pictures

We can't remember very much about this night, but it would appear that we felt the need to record a play-by-play account of the meal for posterity.

Our Appetizer: tomatoes and onions. Eh.
We ordered a salad too, but apparently forgot to photograph it.
Brian ordered the steak for one.
I'm a vegetarian. So I orderd every single side dish on the menu. Here's broccoli.
Creamed spinach.
Onion Rings.
Hash browns?
And a baked potato (of course).
We ordered a bottle of wine (even though we had each had a drink at the bar).
For dessert we ordered a sundae. I apparently waved the cherry in Brian's face. He apparently took a picture.
Ooo! I made a mustache out of whipped cream. Hilarious!
All gone.
Okay. Here's the bill. Here's my cash.
Tip, tip, tip. What is 20% of A LOT?
Really? No. That can't be right. I'm going to need absolute silence to do this math in my head.
What a nice picture of ye olde City Hall. Let's photograph it.
(Even on a night out, Brian can't quite escape work)
Saucy? Or just drunk?

Thanks for joining us for our 5th wedding anniversary dinner celebration.
We hope you'll be back next year.
We hope we will too.

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