Our Much Belated Honeymoon
Rome and Thereabouts
August, 2004

Inside the Pantheon
The roof of the Pantheon
Brian with Bernini's Elephant

Palatine Hill
Deb admires old stuff
Brian amongst the old stuff
More old stuff
A wall
Photo by random person
Picturesque, no?
Photo by us
Brian looks tall

Vatican City
Nuns about town
Brian against the ceiling
Our tour group
Deb and a floor mosaic
Brian and a statue
Guess who took this picture
It was very hot that day

About Town
Trevi Fountain
At dinner
In the supermarket

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Camera war in Pompeii
House of the Dancing Fawn
Us at Pompeii
Scary body frozen in time
Ubiquitous dogs of Pompeii
Deb contemplates city of ash
The amphitheater

Alligator at Hadrian's Villa
Brian's Gator chomp
Deb & Brian with a statue's rump
Crossword puzzles are good
Nice Hills
Gardens of the Villa d'Este
Super big crazy fountain

Palazzo Venezia
Deb on the steps
Brian checks his money belt
Brian loves lemon Fanta

Villa Borghese
Us by another fountain
A pigeon for a head
Beer & sandwiches

Near Campo de' Fiori
Piazza Farnese
A lamp post
Campo de' Fiori
A nearby dumpster
A nearby palazzo
Humans are funny

Spanish Steps
By day
By Night
At the top

Signs around town
In Vatican City
On the street
By the non-potable waters of the Villa d'Este
At the movies
In the subway station
At a crosswalk

The education of Deborah Schwartz
The experiences of Deborah Schwartz
The persistance of Deborah Schwartz
The relations of Deborah Schwartz